Pre & Post Workout Nutrition- Let’s Go Bananas!

As a Fitness Nutrition Specialist and understanding the importance of nutrition and the impacts it can have on obtaining optimum performance, one fundamental aspect that many enquire about is to do with what to eat both Pre & Post Workout, to both aid in obtaining peak performance, and afterwards in how best to repair the body. Banana & Almond Butter (1TbSp) Rye Bread Toast. Approximately 300kCals per serving. Bananas are packed with Vitamins & Minerals, and are a source of Amino Acids, Carbohydrate, Potassium and Fibre. Bananas are a great food to have both before participating in exercise, and afterwards to aid in recovery of the body.

Bananas are full of fast-acting “good” carbohydrates. They contain natural sugars and starch which are our primary sources of energy, and they have anti-inflammatory benefits. They also help restore the glycogen levels of the body after exercise, which is fundamental for rebuilding damaged muscles.

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