Our Mission

About Me

I live locally in Hale, Cheshire and have always been involved in sport and healthy living.

A keen hockey player throughout school and university, I have maintained a strong interest in health and well-being.

Changing Your Lifestyle

For The Better

Post degree I worked on super yachts for five years and was encouraged to train as a fitness instructor. Realising that good nutrition underpins fitness, I qualified as a specialist in fitness nutrition. 

The combination of personal trainer and nutrition adviser puts me in an ideal position to help people of all ages and levels of fitness to feel healthy and to achieve their fitness goals. 

Our Mission

More About Me

CJB Fitness holds a more sustainable approach to helping individuals achieve their health and fitness goals, helping clients to understand the process themselves in order to continue with their training in a healthy manner.

CJB will support you in changing your lifestyle for the long-run, not just to create results for a “quick-fix” or on an unsustainable and often unhealthy short-term basis.